1. Episode 8. ”Social Media Savvy Fil-Am Seniors” . The ladies of Makilala with crew and guests, Lisa Esperame-Nohs, Owner and co-founder of Lockers4Laundry and  Juliet Oberlin aka Mama Yette, the Facebook Lola. Guest co-host: Charina Nadura.  Special performance by Eric G.


  2. Episode 7. ”Filipino American Young Leaders - Walking Through Corridors of Power” . The ladies of Makilala with crew and guest, Edward Santos, 2013 Filipino American Young Leaders (FYLPro). Guest host: Hanna Choa Yu. Special performance by Fey Eugenio.


  3. New Makilala ladies revealed: Getting to know you, getting to hope you like us

    By Cristina DC Pastor & Jen Furer, The FilAm

    Ta ra ra ran…ta ran. There was no Julie Andrews warbling, and certainly no tap dancing, but there was lots of chatting and chuckling and chomping on snacks hurriedly bought from stores around Fifth Avenue.

    It was 6 p.m. on a Friday, and many of the women came in office wear. In an instant, the Faldef office, which was kindly offered for our use, was filled with the sound of dulcet chatter among a dozen women some of whom did not know each other, but ended the night like wanton sorority sisters. They were the talented Filipino American women who responded to Makilala’s call for a co-host and gathered for what they thought would be an audition. Instead we had a ‘talk-a-thon.’

    Makilala (“Get to know” in Tagalog) is the first Filipino American talk show in New York, which is hosted by book author Jen Furer, health educator Rachelle Ocampo and journalist Cristina DC Pastor. The monthly program is aired through Queens Public Television. Maricor Fernandez of Marilag Productions is the producer.

    We interviewed the women in two batches because the office could not accommodate all of the women plus the three Makilala mainstays and consultant/adviser Diane Rubin Kaye of CNN. They filled us in on their views on business and politics, body image, women empowerment.

    What a diverse coterie of personable women! From them we learned that ice cream and chocolate are a must-have in a diet! That working in fashion can co-exist with a job in the UN. That, if one pays close attention, Fashion Week and global warming convey the same message. That body image and human trafficking are closely related.

    We met all sorts: the investment executive who runs in the NYC marathon every year, the boutique entrepreneur who lovingly teases her husband as a ‘terrorist,’ Ms. Webby, and Off-Broadway’s Imelda Marcos, no less. They are just some of the women who want to make a difference by becoming involved with the community through Makilala.

    Let us meet the smart and brazen women who will take turns co-hosting the show. The opportunity to co-host was expanded to include also a chance for the women to be a guest panelist or a guest performer.

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  4. Episode 7. ”Filipino American Young Leaders - Walking Through Corridors of Power” . The ladies of Makilala with crew and guest, Edward Santos, 2013 Filipino American Young Leaders (FYLPro). Guest host: Hanna Choa Yu. Special performance by Fey Eugenio.


  5. Episode 6: “Faces and Strengths of Autism”

    Guest - Cheryl Ocampo

    The Ladies of Makilala talk about the faces and strengths of autism with Cheryl Ocampo, Founder and Director of Queens County Parents Autism Coaliton (QCPAC). Guest performer: Jerome Viloria, NYU-IFA 2013 Mr. Philippines

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    • Feb. 2, 2014, Sunday @ 4:30 pm
    • Feb  23, 2014,  Sunday @ 9:30pm

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  6. Episode 6: The Faces and Strengths of Autism

    According to CDC, in 2013 1 out of 50 school age children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Makilala’s upcoming episode talks about the Faces and Strengths of Autism with Cheryl Ocampo, the Founder and Director of Queens County Parents Autism Coaliton, Inc (QCPAC).

    Just One Thing One on One with Cheryl Ocampo:

    M:  What’s your weakest moment?
    C:   My weakest moment is when I see my daughter having difficulty to complete a task. It’s very disheartening to see her struggle with tasks that the general population can accomplish so easily such as tying one’s shoe laces.

    M: What’s your strongest moment?
    C:  My strongest moment is when I witness my daughter accomplish a small, but significant task such as expressing verbally what she wants or feels.

    M: What is a normal day like?
    C:  A normal day for us follows a strict routine much like any one else’s except it includes therapy for my daughter in school.  However, I do try to throw her off routine sometimes in order to prepare her for the real world.

    M:  Do you get to take time off for yourself?
    C:   I have to take time off for myself from time to time. That time off usually occurs in the evening after bedtime or when my daughter visits with her father.  It helps keep me grounded and balanced.

    M:  Autism awareness, how do you think people can help?
    C:  It’s very important that people should know the signs of autism even if autism does not affect them personally.  If people were more aware, then I believe they would be open to assisting in the autism community.


  7. A Bevy of Accomplished Women Responds to Makilala’s Search For a Co-host

    By Cristina DC Pastor, TheFilAm.net

    We were only looking for one but nearly 20  women responded to Makilala’s call for a fourth co-host for this groundbreaking TV talk show aired through Queens Public Television.

    A diplomat, a Broadway actress, a lawyer, a nurse, a grandmother, corporate executives, performance artists, grassroots organizers, and many more have sent in their applications by the close of the January 12th deadline. Through private emails, many more have expressed interest, including a couple of men and a transwoman.

    Makilala is the first Filipino American talk show in New York. It debuted in July of 2013 and has aired seven episodes on topics, such as social entrepreneurship, voting rights, autism, and learning Tagalog. The show is hosted by three women — book author Jen Furer, health care educator Rachelle Ocampo and journalist Cristina DC Pastor. The search for a fourth co-host came about with the departure of Maria Cruz Lee, who stepped down in December. The show is produced by  Marilag Productions founded by Maricor Fernandez of QPTV and Pastor.

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  8. Do You Think You Can Be The Next Makilala Host?


    Makilala, the first Filipino American talk show in New York, is looking to build a community of smart, inspiring women to continue this conversation we have started about our people, our concerns, our challenges as FilAms.

    Over the last six months, Makilala has engaged leaders and organizations on a discussion of a wide range of topics — from social entrepreneurship to voting rights; from learning Tagalog to understanding autism, from fundraising for Haiyan to healthy eating. There is so much more we wanted to talk about and we’d like to invite you to join us at the table.
    The search for a Makilala co-host is still in progress until January 12. We are looking for that unique Filipina American with the inquisitive mind, the ability to communicate an opinion and weave an interesting conversation. Cheerful disposition is not a requirement because when you get to know the Makilala ladies, you can’t help but be drawn to a crossfire of opinions on politics, education, identity, empowerment, leadership,  immigration, cuisine, etc.
    Join Jen Furer, Rachelle Ocampo and Cristina DC Pastor, community advocates and communicators, and be part of the groundbreaking show  that  seeks to raise our profile as a community using the medium of television.
    Click HERE for more details & to apply!